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Diet foods that make you feel full

For you to remain full longer after you have eaten goes beyond eating too much. There are some foods that no matter how much you eat them you will never stay full before you go searching for another meal or snack. According to research fiber has a very considerably great influence on this matter. Listed below are some of the foods that you can to make you feel full.


This protein super food has a lot in them than what they tend to give. They are well full of fiber, vitamin B and antioxidant which are very essential component in keep you full. Having a diet with lentils, chickpeas, beans and peas is much more satisfying and always makes it you spend time before coming back to it. Store-bought hummus as an example has in three-tablespoon serving a total of 2.7 grams. To add on it it’s always good to serve with whole grain rather that sifted flour.


Going fruity this is a diet that has proved of its filling effect. Other than its nutritional value which it contains like vitamin K, C, B5, B6, E foliate and potassium the avocado fruit has even small amounts of calcium and magnesium that makes go any-body craving. It contains monounsaturated fat (oleic acid that that sends the message to the brain that its full), and due to its high capacity of fiber it takes longer to digest, going an effect of overall less hunger.


One may get worried by the amount of cholesterol but basically this is not one of the main culprit blood cholesterol. How this egg operates is that they have a lower amount of ghrelin. This is a appetite stimulating hormone. Due t its lower levels the brain gets not to have the appetite been overdone making you fill full for long. They have also a combination of fat in it. Recommended for breakfast meal this is one type of diet that will assure you satisfaction.

Brussels sprouts

Inn additional to its cancer protection, lower cholesterol levels and its ability to keep and secure human DNA, the Brussels sprouts is a diet that keeps you from the 10.00 am cravings when taken with your breakfast. They are very rich in fiber making them have a slow digestion progress in the stomach thus taking time for the mind to register that you need to fill up the stomach. 4.1 grams for every cup of cooked Brussels sprouts keeps you off the table for long thus making you to avoid overeating.


This is green vegies that are very nutritious. They have been considered as one of the highly enriched fiber vegies and having them in your meal translates to addition of more fiber in your diet. The kales are well endowed with 4.8 grams of fiber for every two cups of raw kales. Spinach which is a family member of the kales is a good option to go for.


It has been recommended for the control of obesity, heart diseases and diabetes, complication that needs very high fiber intake to manage and heal. For every 1 cup served there is a 8 gram fiber. They are dark in color and it’s loaded with ample quantity of antioxidants, and well loaded with vitamin C. they will completely reduce the craving for more food due to their ling stay in the digestive system before digestion.


Serving this meal as a side dish makes you feed on the highest fiber giving whole grain meal ever. The cereal is rich nutlike flavor with appealing, pasta like consistency. It’s naturally rich of maltose sugar that makes it a very good energy giver. Having this diet assures you of the required energy to push on, making you have a filing effect that stays for long. For every cup of barley means an intake of 3.2 grams of fiber.


In addition of their artichoke, this slows down the process of eating them. The artichoke has a very low calorie concentration. For every 1 medium artichoke of 128 grams it contains a 7 gram dietary fiber. This make the filling-effect the most noticeable outcome followed by its positive health implication.

Going green, by drinking such drinks of green smoothies prepared from kales, spinach, collard among others will always make you a have a feel-full fiber for very few calories.

5 inspiring workout movies that will give you motivation to stay fit

Movies are made to tell stories that inspire people. Some movies encourage romance, laughter, or sadness. However, some movies are made to arouse the part of you that wants to work out. Believe it or not, watching movies can actually invigorate you to live a healthier lifestyle. Sitting on the couch and watching a great fitness or sports movie can actually trigger you to get off the couch! If you need some motivation to exercise, these are 5 great movies to inspire you to workout. If you don’t own a Blu-Ray player to play movies you can find a wide range of reviews at:

5 inspiring workout movies that will give you motivation to stay fit

Karate Kid

Both the 1984 and the 2010 version can make any person want to work out. A karate master agrees to teach a teenager karate after he keeps on getting into fights. Watching a bullied teenager rise above it his enemies, gain some self-confidence, and master the art of karate can motivate even the least athletic person to better themselves and learn a new skill.

Cool Runnings

From 1993, Cool Runnings is the story of the creation of the Jamaican Bobsledding team after a disqualified sprinter and a dishonoured coach team up. These two overcome their failures and create a successful team. Best of all, this is based on a true story! This is a Disney movie, so it is great movie for the whole family, and it is very funny, but it has some very inspirational moments. This movie of greatness and team building can incite a serious desire to exercise and be successful, in people of all ages.

Mighty Ducks

Mighty Ducks is a classic hockey movie from 1992 about a peewee hockey team overcoming their previous failures and rising to success. A man who has never coached and has a dark hockey history is forced to teach a disorganized team of young boys. The team has a problem with winning, and the coach is desperate to help them achieve their goals. Seeing the team of young boys being coached to success by their coach, who ultimately finds himself, is very influential.

G.I. Jane

This is one of Demi Moore’s most inspiring, memorable movies. Made in 1997, this movie still holds relevance today as a movie that can incite anyone of any gender to become the best version of themselves. Watching this average woman train to be as strong and fast as possible, so that she can be the best Elite Navy SEAL she can be, is a great way to appreciate the importance of physical activity, and can prompt you to want to exercise, so that you can reach a high level of greatness as well.

North Shore

This 1987 movie is basically the surfing version of Karate Kid. A young boy goes to Hawaii, and even as an awkward outsider, he successfully learns to surf. He is lucky enough to meet a surfing guru and begins to understand exactly what it means to be a soul surfer. Watching this boy learn about the culture, make friends, reach his fitness goal, and eventually find himself and become an amazing surfer will light a fire inside of almost anyone to find themselves and thrive in a sport.

Foods that help burn fat

You have reduced your food portions and engaged in adequate physical exercises, yet you still can’t shed off that extra fat. It is then time that you paid attention to what you are eating. Excess weight is usually as a result of the body being fed more energy that it requires. As you may already know, excess energy is stored in the body in form of fats which is mostly distributed around the abdomen, thighs and arms. So, the technique behind losing weight then should be to take in fewer calories than you burn.

Research shows ( that by taking in some foods more than others, one is able to shed weight as some foods help you feel full for longer and thus help curb the urge and cravings for food. Other than that, some of these have been identified to boost metabolism. They include;


It is advisable to always start your meals with a bowl of soup. This way you may end up eating less. Nonetheless make sure to have the soup prepared in a healthy way. You can decide to make it chunky or pureed. Soup is an ideal food for weigh loss as it has a low energy density and tends to make people eat lesser calories.

Whole grains

These are usually packed with fiber and a sizeable amount of protein as well. They include oats, wheat and brown rice. These usually tend to keep you full for long and thus helps controls your portions. However, since whole grains are high in carbohydrates, those on a low-cab diet should avoid them or be keen on how they consume them.

Beans and legumes

They include kidney beans, black beans and lentils. Beans and legumes are high in protein and fiber which are the two key nutrients that lead to satiety.

Fruits and vegetables

Vegetables such as spinach, kale and collards are low in both carbohydrates and calories. Vegetables are therefore a good option for increasing food volume without increasing the calorie content. Vegetables also are a source of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that are essential for general well being.

Fruits on the other hand have a low energy density despite the fact that they contain sugar. More to that, they are high in fiber which helps slow down the absorption rate of sugar into the bloodstream. This factor makes fruits an essential element in weight loss.


This may come as a surprise to many due to the fact that nuts are rich in fat. However, the fat present in them does not make them an aid to weight gain. Nuts help improve metabolic health and shed weight. You are however advised not to take too much of them due to their high calorie content.

These are just some of the few foods that if taken correctly could help one lose weigh more easily. Others include apple cider vinegar, full-fat yoghurt, cottage cheese, tuna, boiled potatoes and salmon. If you are not sure of the right serving for you kindly consult with a nutritionist that will help tailor the right serving as per your needs.

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